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Basrah Marine Conference 2015

Click on   The Proceedings of the First Basrah Marine Conference 2015 


Under the auspices of his Excellency, the Iraqi Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research,

the Marine Science Centre/ University of Basrah

has held the


Basrah Marine Science Conference

  April 6th -7th, 2015


Themes of the Conference

1.      International Collaboration

2.      Capacity Building

3.      Strategic Planning

4.      Marine Resources



The international trend of marine science nowadays is directed towards the marine environment, focusing on the environmental changes witnessed globally and within the Arabian Gulf in particular. The Shatt Al-Arab River- which flows into the Arabian Gulf- is the only gate from Iraq to the marine world. However, the water quality of the Shatt Al Arab is challenged and although studied extensively and funded by the Iraqi government, no solutions have been realized. Some of the challenges faced are:

1.      Accumulation of thousands of tons of sediment at the Shatt al-Arab outlet.

2.      Reduced water discharge volumes within the Shatt al-Arab contributing to negative impacts on the environment.

3.      Increased concentrations of pollutants contributing to sediment quality deterioration and altered fluxes. 


In addition to that, the physiographic nature of the Shatt Al-Arab River, Khor Al-Zubair, and the North-West part of the Arabian Gulf form grave obstacles for the development of Iraqi ports and marine transportation. These challenges, and others, call for special attention for strategic implementation of management programs and practical plans, programs and projects to identify sustainable solutions for the regional marine environment.  

As result, this conference is being held to shed light on these problems and to work with participating governmental jurisdictions and global institutions to study  appropriate solutions and strategic implementation.


Participating Institutions