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The Marine & Environmental Consulting Bureau (MECB), formerly the Marine Science Centre, centered at the University of Basra (UB) in southern Iraq, welcomes the opportunity to provide the following technical and commercial submission to Kuwait Energy Company (KEC, or the COMPANY) for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) within Block 9 in southern Iraq which will cover the early field activities comprising of early production from Well Alfayhaa 1, drilling/testing of two appraisal wells and loading/offloading station and trucking process from all sides. The scope of work (SOW) for the EIA incudes noise and air surveys, as outlined by KEC in the Request for Proposal (RFP) and as clarified in subsequent meetings and email. The EIA will include residential and agricultural areas and will include the element of socioeconomics. As part of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) a monitoring plan, Waste Management Plan (WMP) and an H2S Plan will be developed.


The MECB, based in Basra, has recently celebrated 40 years of operation in southern Iraq and is a prime choice for environmental consulting and support in the region. Our environmental and water resources group has over 30 environmental specialists with experience in the execution of environmental studies including environmental baseline assessments (EBAs) and EIAs. Our expertise in this region cannot be matched.


Regionally, we have completed numerous EIAs, baseline studies, air quality surveys/modelling, and environmental engineering consultancy projects for international oil companies (IOCs), international engineering and consulting companies as well as government bodies. The MECB has worked with KEC previously, having conducted EIAs within Block 9 and Siba. We have also recently completed an EBS and EIA which included socioeconomic and health impacts for Khor Al Zubair, and another for Basra Gas Company. We have completed baseline environmental and socioeconomic studies in West Qurna 1 for ExxonMobil, multiple environmental studies in West Qurna 2 in connection with Lukoil Mid-East Limited and we have supported other IOCs in their development efforts such as BP in Rumaila (environmental and social baseline) and in the Common Seawater Supply Project (CSSP) to both government and consultants (Coffey).


Our home base location and personnel in Basra eliminate the requirements for complicated logistics planning, mobilization, accommodation and out-of-country planning.  Furthermore, our Project Team is bilingual, communicating fluently in both English and Arabic. The MECB has the following advantages over other out-of-country consultants:

  • High status and recognition of the MECB by the government authorities of the Republic of Iraq and frequently liaises the Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Environment (MoE), Ministry of Oil (MoO), South Oil Company (SOC) and other government bodies;

  • Provision of Iraqi field teams with accompanying security personnel with familiarity with Block 9 and associated sensitivities and environmental/social baseline data;

  • Availability of extensive background knowledge and data acquired by MECB and University of Basrah research projects extending over decades; and

  • Environmental staff available to visit company offices in and outside of Iraq without requiring visas.

The MECB is considered an optimum choice to complete the requested services while providing international calibre services, within budget and time constraints.



Project Experience

Many international companies operating in Iraq select the MECB to implement their projects in Iraq and the MECB has been a prime choice for international consultants and our clients for in-country environmental and analytical services for many years. The benefits of a local work force result in significant cost savings and other advantages over international consultancies. A selection of relevant projects is presented in the below table:




Coffey International

ESHIA for Basra Gas Company (2015)

ESHIA for Combined Seawater Supply Project Water Intake (2014 – 2015) 


Emissions and Environmental Loading (current)

Environmental Studies for West Qurna 2 (2014 – 2015) 


Euphrates River: ESHIA, water intake (2014) Water availability forecasting and hydrological modelling (2014),  water quality baseline survey (2014)

Main Outfall Drain short term and long term water intakes: Water availability forecasting and hydrological modelling (2014); Location Options Study, EBS, ESHIA and bathymetry (2013)

Green Zone Design (2013)

Topographic survey of WQ-2 (2011)

Kuwait Energy Company

ESHIA and EBS for seismic program and exploratory drilling in Block 9, Iraq (2013 to 2014).

RSK Environment LLC/Kuwait Energy Company

ESHIA and environmental baseline survey for Siba Gas field, Iraq (2013)


EBS and socioeconomic baseline assessment for West Qurna 1 oilfield, Iraq (2010)


Hydrological study of suggested location of new berth in Khor Al Zubair (2013)

AECOM (Dubai) BP

EBS and socioeconomic baseline for Rumaila oilfield, Iraq (2011)


Environmental Impact Assessment (confidential project)


Bathometry & Water Testing of Khor Al-Zubair

Japan International Cooperation Company

National Oil Spill Contingency Plan

Canadian Iraq Marsh Initiative (CIMI) and Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Mapping of Al-Hawizeh, Al Hammar and the Central Marshlands

Development of Water Quality Index (WQI) for water purification projects and Feasibility


Italian Ministry of Environment

Study of Abu Zirig marsh to evaluate the restoration processes and recommend future management

United Nations Environment Program, Iraq MoE

ESHIA for six reverse-osmosis water purification plants in southern Iraq

United Nations Environment Programme

Socioeconomic workshops (traditional crafts & sewing, health & environment workshop and sustainable fishing workshop attended by local fishermen) in Basrah, Thi Qar and Maysan.

Nippon Koei Ltd. Co.  Japan (2009)

Topographic Survey of Um Qaser and Khor Al-Zubair Ports

METKA (Metal Constructions of Greece S.A.)

Shatt Al-Basra Canal and Shatt Al-Arab Hydrological Study and Modeling (2012)
Basra Region Geological Desk Study (2012)

SOC, Iraq

Provide hydrological information for the Common Seawater Supply Project (CSSP)




Current Projects

  1. Kuwait Energy Company - KEC-BLK9-2015/C031-Environmental Impact Assessment KEC-BLK9-2015/C031-Environmental Impact Assessment.

  2. ENI Iraq bv – Sampling and Analysis Soil Potable Water, Effluent & Waste Water Services.